anushka verma logo


wine bottle
bodoni poster ideas
rambline logo
wine bottle labels
bride created on illustrator
photoshop actions
photoshop actions 2
cleaner bottle
detergent labels ideas
buisness card
fashion brochure 2015
wedding planning backcover
wedding planning frontcover
gum package die cut
herb and pharm logo
dolce and gabana ad
newsletter folder front
Print Process Newsletter inside
Print Process Newsletter inside
newsletter folder back
Ramblin Rose Boutique Brochure die cut
movie night ad
Ramblin Rose Boutique coupon
Ramblin Rose Boutique Pop Up Banner
e. campus ad
fashion show poster
Ramblin Rose Boutique website mock up
Ramblin Rose Boutique clothing tag die cut
Ramblin Rose Boutique buisness card
prom night poster
Big Bowl die cut
Family Crest
Periodic Table of Forts and Palaces Of India
Final Periodic Table Leaflet_Page_1
Final Periodic Table Leaflet_Page_2

A Note From The Artist

The Graphic Arts I have done so far is created digitally using Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign. All of my work you see above were all class projects. I got to try a little of every kind of design. In the future, I plan on having more advertising projects on here as well, since that's what I am interested in doing using my creative skills in design I have learned throughout college.